Who we are?


ATOM Mobility is IT company specializing in developing of infrastructure for sharing services. Using our technology partners all over the world can operate their own scooter, bike, car and moped sharing businesses under their own brand. But we don't stop there, we expanded our own operations too and we successfully operate our own fleet under ATOM brand in some markets (starting with Latvia). Now we are open for investments to fund vehicle purchases for new markets where we are planning to run ATOM fleet. 

Join us & let's build a great company together! 

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Terms of the deal

Investment amounts

The minimum investment by single investor is 3 000 EUR. The maximum investment amount by single investor is 30 000 EUR. 

Use of funds

100% of funds received will go directly in vehicle purchases. At the moment 1 ready- for-sharing vehicle costs 500 EUR. We will start with electric scooters (provided by Ninebot-Segway).

Revenue share

Every investor will get 20% from every ride made with scooter owned by this investor. ATOM will cover maintenance, charging, relocation, IT, security, marketing, customer support and other costs.

Shares for larger investors

Investors that invest 10 000 EUR or more are eligible for additional small amount of shares in ATOM Tech company. The more you invest the more equity you will get.

Opt-out option

At any moment in time you will be able to opt-out from the agreement and get your owned scooters back within 60 days. This option is available until you reach revenue cap. 

Revenue cap

The maximum return from the purchased scooters will be fixed to 150% from the scooter value, that means that after you got 150% from your initial investment, ATOM have option to opt-out from the deal and keep the vehicles. It's like leasing deal with revenue share.


During the contract validity period you will have access to ATOM dashboard where in real time you will be able to follow information regarding your vehicles (revenues, stats, maintenance history).


Payouts will be made in accordance with ATOM dashboard results every month till 10th of current month for a previous month.


For communication purposes we will hold online meeting every month to report on the progress and future plans. You will be able to contribute to the progress too and be more involved if interested.



The process

Email us

Email us if you are interested. We will put you in short-list. During this period we will answer main questions via email.


We will talk with each and one of you to make sure you understand the deal clearly and agree on all terms.

Sign agreement

We will sign the agreement and you will need to transfer funds to our bank account.

Interested? Email us!

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